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    July 29, 2014

    10 classic punk records that are actually awful

    I put on the Ramones' classic 1977 record Rocket to Russia recently in an attempt to join all of my Facebook friends in their collective sadness at the recent death of Tommy (Erdyli) Ramone. I used to love this record, but now, even though I wanted to feel some sense of loss, it became more and more ... More >>

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    April 12, 2014

    The Replacements at Coachella, 4/11/14

    The Replacements Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, Indio, California April 11, 2014 Paul Westerberg wasn't exactly thrilled to be in the Southern California desert last night. "Headed out to San Francisco, definitely not L.A.," he once sang. During his latest reunion show with the Replacem ... More >>

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    September 12, 2012

    Paul Thomas Anderson on The Master

    The director discusses Joaquin Phoenix and researching Scientology

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    July 7, 2010

    What's a little marriage fraud between amigos?

    It's a felony, sure, but in the absence of real immigration

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    June 16, 2010

    The Killer of His Daughter's Mother

    A Cunning American Boy Becomes a Mexican Cartel Soldier and East L.A. Executioner

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    September 17, 2008

    Lakeview Terrace: A Black-and-White Film

    Racial tension lurks above and beneath the surface of Neil LaBute's movie

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    July 27, 2005

    Devils In The Outfield

    Everyone plays in Richard Linklater's 'Bad News Bears'

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    December 6, 2000

    Instant Karma

    Larry David's new HBO sitcom creates a universe of petty malevolence and endless distress

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    October 13, 1999

    Valley B-Boys

    L.A.'s Styles of Beyond make the suburbs safe for hip hop

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    September 22, 1999

    Odd Man In

    Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends offers a televised tour of American eccentricity

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    November 4, 1998

    Crush with Eyeliner

    Velvet Goldmine gives the rock movie a makeover

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    October 28, 1998

    Reality Bites

    Terry Gilliam's fantastic dreams do battle with the Hollywood nightmare

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    October 21, 1998

    Merry XXXmas

    With her comic new play, Minneapolis writer Bridget Carpenter gives new meaning to the term "Blue Christmas"

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    May 20, 1998

    Other Voices, Other Frooms

    Hollywood hit man: Studio genius Mitchell Froom creates a post-rock vaudeville

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    October 15, 1997

    Size Matters

    With Boogie Nights, director Paul Thomas Anderson delivers more bang for the buck