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    December 24, 2012

    Top 25 tweets of about the end of the world

    Surprise, we're all still here. While the Mayan calendar ended (without a bang or any fanfare, mind you) on Friday, we all went about our days as if it wasn't the end of days. From work to play and Facebook to Twitter, lots of people put their two cents in about the Armageddon-that-wasn't. An aval ... More >>

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    October 29, 2008

    Graywolf Press is lone wolf in book publishing

    The publisher is a thousand miles from NYC but remains one of the best

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    May 30, 2007

    Mistakes Were Made

    Heather McElhatton isn't a morbidly obese concubine with a thing for primates. How's that for free will?

  • Restaurants

    April 11, 2007

    Sugar Head

    When Minneapolis restaurant critic Dennis Cass sets out to explore his own brain, the truth (almost) kills

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    December 3, 2003

    Chronicle of a Life Foretold

    Did fear of a full diaper launch the literary career of Gabriel García Márquez?

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    July 9, 2003

    Obit For A Former Contrarian

    A friend and protégé tries to make sense of what's happened to Christopher Hitchens

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    March 5, 2003

    Happiness Is A Warm Gun

    Talking long-distance relationships and Ian Curtis lust with Minneapolis's Revolver

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    January 2, 2002

    The Hunted Man Awards

    A Jesse-free review of the headlines that made us wince in 2001

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    November 14, 2001

    Inside The C.I.A.

    Trying to Crack the Secret of Staging Your Own Show? Talk to the Center for Independent Artists.

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    December 13, 2000

    The Year in Theater

    The best and worst of 150 nights spent in a dark room. Plus: Dramatic hypotheses, and thespians speak out.

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    June 7, 2000

    Continental Drift

    First-time novelist Zadie Smith maps the shifting plates of race and culture in postmodern Britain

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    June 2, 1999

    Stay Hungry

    Surviving the book wars and outfoxing the wolves with the Hungry Mind's David Unowsky

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    April 28, 1999
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    November 25, 1998

    In The Beginning

    Robert Calasso's new novel distills all of Indian philosophy to death and desire; Tariq Ali's historical fiction turns Saladin into the sultan of swingers

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    October 21, 1998

    Strange Powers

    Flights of fancy return to Fantasy Island; Charmed casts a spell for the sisterhood.

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    June 3, 1998
  • Books

    April 15, 1998

    Continental Divide

    The fantastic fiction of the new India remains less strange than the hard lives of its poorest people.

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    August 7, 1996

    Too Beautiful For You

    Can a novel be impressive, elegant, and ultimately insignificant? In the case of Max Phillips's Snakebite Sonnet, yes.

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    January 31, 1996