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    October 12, 2011
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    July 14, 2008

    Breakfast of Champions 7/14: "That Guy" edition

    This guy's cell phone rang twice in five minutes at the ballet. Here's a story about something similar happening to me, and how I've taken steps to never be That Guy ag ... More >>

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    December 7, 2005

    Hell on Ice

    Come in from the cold with these six winter movies

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    June 5, 2002

    French Tickler

    Catherine Millet remembers yesterday's orgies; Dennis Cooper brutalizes today's teens

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    November 22, 2000

    The Conversation

    Joe Skelly's cable-access book show argues that the page is mightier than the screen

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    October 11, 2000

    Escape to New York

    After a summer full of multiplex fodder, the New York Film Festival provides an unpretentious showcase for arty cinema

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    February 17, 1999

    A Cold Day in Hell

    Paul Schrader's tale of a rampaging New England cop delves into the inferno of abusive masculinity

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    January 6, 1999

    The Year in Film

    The movies of '98 posed the question: Haven't we seen this somewhere before?

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    March 11, 1998

    Time After Time

    T.C. Boyle's latest novel commutes the sentence of a 19th-century prisoner of love. But this historically minded author recognizes no statute of limitations.

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    January 28, 1998

    Braving the Elements

    Gallo Humor: The actor-writer-director of Buffalo '66, Vincent Gallo.

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    January 7, 1998

    The Year in Film

    In 1997, independence was not a status so much as a state of mind.

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    December 31, 1997

    Artists Of The Year

    We list the best of the best of 1997.

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    May 28, 1997

    Inspecting the Cannes

    In its 50th year, is the world's most prestigious film festival showing its age?

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    October 18, 1995