RNC Piggy Bank

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    March 22, 2011

    Jeff Larson: Political Landlord

    AP ImagesLarson has rented to more than just Norm Coleman.​By Mike Mullen In mid-2008, it came out that Jeff Larson had been renting a Washington, D.C. apartment to then-Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn), a close friend and political cohort. As a landlord, Larson -- the subject of last week's fea ... More >>

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    March 17, 2011

    Jeff Larson defends use of RNC funds [INTERVIEW]

    By Andy Mannix and Mike Mullen AP ImagesLarson was the CEO and treasurer for the 2008 Republican National Convention host committee.​In 2008, St. Paul hosted the Republican National Convention. Republican strategist Jeff Larson was the CEO and treasurer of the host committee, which raised $65 ... More >>

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    March 16, 2011

    Jeff Larson used RNC piggy bank to pay friends

    Did use of charitable donations violate federal election law?

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    March 16, 2011

    RNC Piggy Bank: See how the money was spent

    The host committee continued to spend long after the convention.​In this week's feature, "RNC Piggy Bank", we examine how the host committee for the 2008 Republican National Convention has been spending its leftover donations since the convention. Though the bulk of the surplus donations went ... More >>