Peter Rachleff

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    May 9, 2012

    Are You Now or Have You Ever Been... at the Guthrie

    A great portrayal of Langston Hughes

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    September 29, 2010
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    August 8, 2008
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    August 29, 2007

    Wage War

    On the eve of a new school year, a historic strike threatens to throw the U of M into chaos

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    March 15, 2006

    The Wanted Man

    When a couple of students objected to the course materials in Stephen Philion's race and culture class at Hamline University, he thought the trouble would pass. Wrong.

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    August 13, 2003

    Dispatches from the Next Newspaper War

    Wounded egos, labor actions, and Powerpoint presentations at the Pioneer Press

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    July 16, 2003

    The Next Battle in the Newspaper Wars

    The specter of a newspaper strike looms in St. Paul --but no matter what happens, the Pioneer Press will never be the same

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    January 8, 2003

    Whistle Stop

    Did Northwest Airlines try to muzzle a whistleblower?

  • Books

    February 6, 2002

    Four-Star Feud

    Workers say they can't get a fair shake from one of Minneapolis's most posh hotels

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    October 24, 2001

    Organized Slaughter

    Falling carcasses and untreated injuries: Meatpackers at Dakota Premium Foods were driven to form a union. But not even that got the company's attention.

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    April 5, 2000

    Truck, Stop

    Car chases, cell phones, and a smelly Super Soaker: This is not your father's picket line

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    March 22, 2000

    The Paper Trail

    What you won't read in the morning paper about how the news gets delivered

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    January 5, 2000

    When you wish upon a city

    If you could wave your magic wand and make one improvement to the Twin Cities, what would it be?

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    October 6, 1999

    Life of the Party

    Death in the mines. Hunger marches. An FBI spy on every block. Minnesota's daughters of the revolution can tell you about it all. But first, have some coffee cake.

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    June 2, 1999

    Coffee, Tea...or HAVOC?

    Northwest flight attendants gear up for a new strike formula--minimum cost, maximum headache

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    January 20, 1999

    Saving Private Coleman

    St. Paul launches a campaign to open bidding wars on city services

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    August 12, 1998

    When Poetry Hurts

    The Loring labor fight takes an obscene turn

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    January 17, 1996

    Big Brother, Inc.

    Why are businesses spying on their own employees more and more? Because they can.