Peter Hansen

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    December 24, 2008
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    December 27, 2006

    Curtain Call

    Let's bring back the year's best (and worst) performances for one more round of applause (and jeers)

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    July 12, 2006

    In Heat

    Torch Theater's simmering 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof'

  • Arts

    June 21, 2006

    The Original Gangster

    Duke Mantee isn't a killer; he's a professor of violence studies

  • Arts

    March 3, 2004

    The Show-Stopping Number

    Doing the calculus on mathematical dramas

  • Arts

    October 22, 2003

    Hiss And Vinegar

    Slither and Arcadia Each Deal with Their Own Snakes in the Grass

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    November 13, 2002

    Ghost World

    15 Head serves strong spirits; Gremlin Theater forms a family

  • Arts

    July 12, 2000

    Theater of Cruelty

    True West brutalizes its actors; Impossible Marriage lightly lashes its audience