Peter Bogdanovich

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    November 28, 2012

    The State of Movie Violence

    As Universal Soldier 4 attests, death and gore on screen have never been better -- or more reckless

  • Movies

    August 22, 2012

    Killer Joe's William Friedkin on what's wrong with Hollywood

    Studio films "just aren't for me—comic book characters, video games, idiotic rom-coms," the director says.

  • News

    December 29, 2010

    Sofia Coppola's journey to Somewhere

    New film works with a patient and observational style

  • Blogs

    February 10, 2009

    Drinking with Ian at the Grammys

    Minneapolis's favorite talk show host takes a tour of music-industry hell.

  • Columns

    February 13, 2008
  • Unknown

    May 9, 2007
  • News

    March 31, 2004

    The Movie Lovers

    The world makes out all right at the International Film Festival

  • Movies

    August 28, 2002

    Mr. Show

    Addicted to decadence, in love with excess: The films of Fosse

  • Movies

    April 24, 2002


    Peter Bogdanovich loses it at the movies with 'The Cat's Meow'

  • Arts

    April 10, 2002

    Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

    The Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival's Middle Week Has Hits, Sleepers, and Snoozers

  • Movies

    September 5, 2001

    Falling in Love Again

    The alluring "Marlene & Josef" invites us to rediscover a director's desire for his star

  • Arts

    August 8, 2001

    What a Feeling

    An Oak Street retrospective pulls us back to the flashy days of Eighties cinema

  • Books

    December 15, 1999

    The Loud Man

    A definitive biography captures the contradictions of John Ford, the meanest, greatest director of the Western

  • News

    December 16, 1998

    Freeze Frame

    Forget Fargo and A Simple Plan: A quarter-century ago, The Heartbreak Kid had Minnesota down cold

  • Movies

    December 24, 1997

    Keepin' It Real

    Can't Nobody Hold Me Down: Pam Grier in Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown.