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    July 29, 2014

    The Green Party comes to Minnesota, looking for new political life

    I walk into the 11:00 a.m. press conference at the Green Party's National Annual Meeting - one of the political party's biggest events of the year - and I'm a little confused. I'm normally accustomed to big rooms for these kinds of events, with chairs lined with journalists, jostling to get the best ... More >>

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    September 25, 2013

    Bradlee Dean's ministry is no more, source says

    There's a good reason Bradlee Dean's large Annandale headquarters was put up for rent earlier this month -- he apparently no longer has a ministry to fill it with.According to a source close to the situation, Dean's "You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International" staffers have all walked out on him. ... More >>

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    November 13, 2012

    Dan Markingson's 2004 suicide: 'Corrective Action' issued to former U of M employee

    Eight years after a 26-year-old committed suicide while enrolled in a clinical drug trial at the University of Minnesota, the state Board of Social Work has issued "corrective action" on study coordinator Jean Kenney. In 2004, Dan Markingson brutally stabbed himself to death while participating in ... More >>

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    May 31, 2012

    MN Supreme Court's dismissal of Marb Lights lawsuit represents victory for big tobacco

    In 1998, then-Minnesota Attorney General "Skip" Humphrey and Philip Morris reached a $6.1 billion settlement after the state alleged that the tobacco company used deceptive marketing, advertising, and research to encourage people to smoke. The settlement barred any future lawsuits regarding Philip M ... More >>

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    October 7, 2011

    Keith Ostrosky groped his patients, misdiagnosed them repeatedly

    ‚ÄčKeith Ostrosky has been fined by the Minnesota Board of Dentistry for groping patients and misdiagnosing their problems. A nearly two-year investigation by the Minnesota Attorney General's office found that Ostrosky provided substandard diagnostic and endodontic care, improperly administered an ... More >>

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    March 16, 2011

    Cathy Haukedahl, new director of MN Legal Aid, bracing for tight budget

    Meet the new e.d. of Legal Aid‚ÄčMinnesota Legal Aid has a new director: veteran attorney and former state solicitor general Cathy Haukedahl--and already, she's bracing for potential impact from the Republican budget. "The Legislative proposals indicated slight cuts for the court system," Haukedahl ... More >>

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    February 8, 2011

    Dan Markingson's 2004 suicide: U of M Board of Regents won't reopen the case

    Courtesy Mary WeissMarkingson committed suicide in 2004 while enrolled in a study through the U of M.​The University of Minnesota's Board of Regents will not organize an independent investigation into the events surrounding Dan Markingson's 2004 suicide, according to a letter signed by Regents ... More >>

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    January 12, 2011

    Jason Meyer and his get-rich gold scam

    Rochester man promised gold mines and made off with the cash

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    March 13, 2009

    Minn. AG should investigate Coleman, local web developer says

    At least one local Web expert has formally contacted the Minnesota Attorney General's office asking them to investigate Coleman's campaign for possible consumer protection violations. Will they take up this case?

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    June 11, 2008

    Judge in WCAL case to AG's office: Shame on you!

    1367923.47.jpgCompensation for the sale of WCAL is yet uncertain, but this much is clear: The judge in the case thinks the sale stunk to high heaven.

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    October 30, 2007

    RoboCop: Is the St. Paul Police Federation breaking the law?

    In recent weeks hundreds of St. Paul residents have been receiving phone calls from St. Paul Police Federation president Dave Titus. The calls are targeted at voters in wards one, five, and six--the three most hotly contested city council races.

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    September 5, 2007

    War Torn

    As a young radical, Norm Coleman protested the Vietnam War. Now his support for the Iraq quagmire may swallow his political career.

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    August 29, 2006

    Swanson competitive in DFL Attorney General Fundraising

    The DFL primary for Attorney General is shaping up as a two-person contest, but it will be Kelley and Swanson instead of Kelley and Luther as the serious candidates.

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    July 17, 2006

    Mattson to challenge Entenza in DFL primary

    Says Entenza's conflict of interest over his wife's position at United Health and his clandestine investigation of Hatch are dragging down ... More >>

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    August 24, 2005

    Queer as a...

    Three Dollar Bill promised ads in GLBT publications. Then the publisher apparently vanished.

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    July 21, 2004

    Stripped Clean

    Everyone's trying to figure out what makes equity stripping illegal. Misty Collins just wants her house back.

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    March 10, 2004

    In Coal We Trust

    A boondoggle on the range lives another day

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    December 31, 2003

    A Good Year on Portland Ave.

    How I learned to stop worrying and love the Strib

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    April 9, 2003

    Party of Nine

    The ward one race in St. Paul promises to be one nasty scrum

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    January 29, 2003

    Sex Offender Commitment Challenged

    One man's fight for a jury trial could result in a spate of appeals

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    February 20, 2002

    Radio Radio

    We search the airwaves for signs of intelligent life

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    October 3, 2001
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    June 20, 2001

    Central Heating

    A Minneapolis neighborhood association raises the eyebrows of city administrators--and the ire of some of its constituents

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    May 30, 2001

    Fouling the Air

    Employees say Northwest Airlines works harder to avoid discrimination lawsuits than it does to stop bigotry

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    January 10, 2001


    Some hailed firefighters Julie Tossey and Kathleen O'Connor as symbols of a new era in gender equality in St. Paul. But others--including their own union--wanted to see their dreams go up in smoke.

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    June 14, 2000

    Guilt by Association

    A political snipe-fest drowns out residential harmony in Minneapolis's up-and-coming Central neighborhood

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    April 26, 2000

    All Unquiet on the Western Front

    Minnesota Public Radio's empire- building purchase of Marketplace Productions hits a snag

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    March 15, 2000
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    December 29, 1999
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    November 3, 1999

    Dirty Little Air War

    Bully! Crybaby! Northwest and Sun Country brawl for control of the sandbox--and billions in local air-travel revenues

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    June 1, 1998
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    December 10, 1997
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    November 19, 1997

    Know When to Say When

    Charges of gerrymandering continue to plague north Minneapolis'S fifth ward.

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    June 18, 1997

    A Prison by any Other Name

    At the Minnesota sexual psychopathic personality treatment center, they lock up men who are dangerous--or unlucky--enough to be tabbed menaces to society even after they've done their prison time

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    May 28, 1997

    Fall Guy

    Larry Gould was a long-time junkie on the mend in a methadone program until he was lured into a drug sting. Now he's doing five years. But he made a few undercover cops look good in the process, and that was the important thing.

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    December 6, 1995