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    January 17, 2013

    Washburn High students hung black doll from neck in school stairwell [IMAGE]

    A handful of Washburn High School students were disciplined after a black doll was found hanging from a noose in a school stairwell on January 11.SEE ALSO: Obama effigy hangs from Duluth billboard [PHOTO] The Independent Business News Network's Don Allen reports that three students were suspend ... More >>

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    October 19, 2012

    Chris Fields: "My uniform has been off for barely a year, and now I'm a lying scumbag? C'mon"

    During a debate yesterday, Congressman Keith Ellison created national waves by calling his Republican opponent, Chris Fields, a "lowlife scumbag."SEE ALSO:-- Chris Fields: I didn't call Keith Ellison a reverse racist in "reverse racism" ad-- Chris Fields: "Keith Ellison is militantly anti-America" ... More >>

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    June 1, 2011

    Alexander O'Neal, 94 East playing tornado benefit this Sunday

    ‚ÄčIn addition to next weekend's all-star benefit at the State Theatre, another concert has sprung up to help those affected by last month's tornado. "Arms Around the Northside" will take place this Sunday afternoon, June 5, on Plymouth Avenue North across from the Minneapolis Urban League (2100 Ply ... More >>

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    January 7, 2011

    The City Inc. and its North Minneapolis high school on shaky ground

    Another North Minneapolis school may be in trouble.​There may be more bad news for students in North Minneapolis: The Strib is reporting that The City Inc. might be closing, along with its alternative school, as early as today. That could mean another kick in the gut for a neighborhood that's ... More >>

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    September 23, 2005
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    April 8, 2005

    Overheard at the Hilton

    Reverend Al Sharpton speaks at Minneapolis Urban League annual dinner, disses Democrats and baby-hating Republicans More than 1300 people attended the Minneapolis Urban League Dinner at the downtown Hilton last night. Fresh-dressed WCCO's Don Shelby (take that, Paul Magers!) emceed the event, which ... More >>

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    October 20, 2004

    Kiffmeyer Watch: Party Girl

    Is Mary Kiffmeyer's crusade against the state's biggest counties political hackery?

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    November 5, 2003

    Playing Dead

    Tht NAACP abandons its watchdog role over Hollman

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    October 1, 2003

    Don't Call Us, We'll Call You

    Waiting to resolve a complaint against Minneapolis cops? Take a number

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    December 25, 2002

    Reckless Eyeballin'

    Longtime civil rights activist and agitator Ron Edwards talks about the city he loves and hates

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    July 25, 2001

    Help Wanted

    There's new controversy surrounding the Hollman project: Who's getting the jobs?

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    April 18, 2001

    An Unlikely Challenger

    A self-employed community activist takes on a Minneapolis political powerhouse

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    April 19, 2000

    Station Break

    Can the Cities' oldest black radio station survive a date with the bulldozer?

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    November 11, 1998

    The Project

    Vikings guard David Dixon came a long way to play pro ball

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    October 1, 1998

    Radical Youth

    Meet 10 teens and twentysomethings working to improve conditions for the queer kids that follow in their wake

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    July 22, 1998

    The Black Ceiling

    An African-American Target employee's lawsuit alleges that Dayton Hudson set him up for failure

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    September 3, 1997

    The Riot Card

    When police critically wounded 15-year-old Lawrence Miles Jr., TV reporters went out of their way to point out that being a cop in "Murderapolis" is dicey stuff. But after a witness said he saw Miles drop his gun and run before being gunned down, the stor

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    May 21, 1997

    Mall or Nothing

    The MCDA may be backing off the proposed co-op site at the corner of 38th Street and Fourth Avenue.

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    January 29, 1997
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    June 5, 1996