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    February 7, 2013

    The long, sad death of the Troggs' "Wild Thing," a great rock 'n' roll song

    No surprise that the first thing mentioned in each obituary for Reg Presley, the Troggs' lead singer who passed away on Monday, is "Wild Thing." Presley didn't write the song, but he popularized it and with the Troggs recorded it several times. Over 35 years "Wild Thing" transition from a rock and r ... More >>

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    January 28, 2009
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    July 27, 2005

    You're gonna eat those words

    Don Johnson? Melanie Griffith? Jennifer Love Hewitt? A show about young lawyers called Just Legal? Why, this could shape up to be the worst fall TV season in recent history (save for 1987, when Small Wonder and Out of this World aired back-to-back.) Below is a purely self-indulgent exercise in which ... More >>

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    April 6, 2005

    Celebrity Blogging: That's Edutainment!

    A few choice URLs for those who like it when celebs confess. Formerly Rosie: Disjointed free verse from Rosie O'Donnell. The constant references to "yellow" (Rosie's term for "well-being") lend this blogĀ an unsettling, cultish tone. But Rosie is still an outspoken crabapple and therefore, worth rea ... More >>

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    April 6, 2005
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    February 23, 2005

    The Man Who Shot Too Much

    What took octogenarian auteur Sidney Lumet so long to get an Oscar? He made too many movies.

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    May 23, 2001

    The Plaisir Principle

    Or, Cannes 2001: How to love the movies without hating yourself

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    May 16, 2001
  • Movies

    May 24, 2000

    Kick the Cannes

    Dim efforts by Roland Joffé, the Coen Brothers, Lars von Trier, Neil LaBute, and John Waters darken the screens of the world's flashiest film fest

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    April 12, 2000

    It's a Wrap

    The Mpls/St. Paul International Film Festival swaddles the Cities in cinema

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    December 29, 1999

    Once in Love With Amy

    The surprise hit Judging Amy is a kind of woman's standard, in the key of melodrama

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    January 27, 1999