Matt Foust

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    August 11, 2004

    End of the Road, End of the Rods

    They got hassled by the FBI. Todd Rundgren drank all their Foster's. And now they're breaking up. After teetering on the edge of big-time success for over a decade, 12 Rods remember what it's like to be a popular Twin Cities band--and what it's like to pa

  • Music

    January 16, 2002
  • Music

    December 8, 1999

    Growing Up

    Emo finds some unlikely champions in a culture critic, jazz virtuoso, and two rock-scene vets

  • News

    April 22, 1998

    Picked To Click VIII

    It's an odd, autonomous, anomalous year for the 1998 City Pages New Music Poll.

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    October 4, 1995