Leonardo Da Vinci

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    February 20, 2008
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    January 23, 2008
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    November 29, 2006

    The Lost Napkins of Leonardo Da Vinci

    Is the future hiding somewhere in a 500-year-old notebook?

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    November 4, 2006

    City Planner: Weekend Edition (11/4-5)

    Youth Brigade @ Triple Rock From today's A-List: "Immortalized in the 1984 documentary Another State of Mind, Youth Brigade were the Oi! that Los Angeles hardcore produced—three Jewish surfers, all brothers, cheering the sinking of their state into the ocean. They founded BYO Records, rapped agai ... More >>

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    September 28, 2006

    9/28 Morning Communiqué

    Washington PR firm racks up Iraqi contracts, Screech has a sex tape, ESPN accused of silencing jeers on MNF, Koren Robinson Viki ... More >>

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    May 16, 2006

    5/16: Morning Communique

    Londoners monitor their neighborhoods on television, the goverment is tracking news organizations's phone calls, a Mother's Day song from Mr. T, 20 things you didn't know about da Vinci, the Minnesota Blog of the Day, and more...

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    April 18, 2006

    4/18: Morning Communique

    Indiana turns 157 miles of highways over to a Spanish-Australian consortium, Vitruvian Man gets clipped for Da Vinci Code promo materials, McDonald's hamburger recipes, Jerry Falwell on Rudy Giuliani, the Minnesota Blog of the Day, and more...

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    December 28, 2005
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    August 8, 2001

    "Don't Ever Say (EXPLETIVE DELETED) Onstage Again!"

    Audiences storm the stage. Actors suffer gastrointestinal distress. Backstage confessions of theater gone terribly, terribly wrong.

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    April 4, 2001

    Print the Legend

    In 40 self-sacrificing years at the helm of the University Film Society, Al Milgrom has seen his reputation grow to mythic stature. How this grumpy old man might cope with turning over his life’s work is another story.

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    April 5, 2000

    Get Real

    Can a small school of figurative art revive a great, dead tradition in painting?

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    January 26, 2000

    Skirts Ahoy!

    How the master of cheesecake art lifted a dress and uncovered an American madonna

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    June 24, 1998