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    March 18, 2013

    Daunte Culpepper faces foreclosure 10 years after signing $102 million contract with Vikings

    Daunte Culpepper has joined Latrell Sprewell and Bryant McKinnie in the club of former Minnesota professional athletes who really could've used better financial advice.FROM 2010: Daunte Culpepper redux: He's huge in Sacramento! Ten years removed from signing a 10-year, $102 million contract, Culpepp ... More >>

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    January 2, 2013

    Latrell Sprewell arrested in Wisconsin after he refused to stop blasting music

    Latrell Sprewell closed out his NBA career as a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves in the spring of 2005. Months earlier, he infamously turned down a three-year, $21-million contract extension, citing concern it wouldn't be sufficient to feed his family.SEE ALSO: Bryant McKinnie racked up unpaid $ ... More >>

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    January 21, 2009

    Twenty years of Timberwolves: Highs, lows, and grisly details

    A retrospective of Minnesota's most heartbreaking franchise

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    November 23, 2008

    Celtics, Garnett refresh Timberwolves' memory

    Timberwolves fans, please remember, if it's not too painful, last year's NBA Finals and the moment we could refer to as "The Great Ecstasy of Kevin Garnett." You might recall that, after handing out his due props and basically ignoring Michelle Tafoya except to complement her suit, he screamed, over ... More >>

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    February 12, 2008

    Breakfast of Champions: 2/12

    Baby, it's cold outside. Come sit by the warm glow of your monitor and read live reports from the Dean & Britta concert last night, or join the discussion on one of several politi ... More >>

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    February 11, 2008

    Shit Hitting Fan for Sprewell

    Latrell Sprewell is $500,000 in the hole even after selling his yacht at a huge loss at auction ... More >>

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    November 1, 2006

    Online Exclusive: The Extended Glen Taylor Interview

    The Wolves owner speaks with brutal candor about Kevin McHale, Kevin Garnett, and the trials and failures of the past two seasons.

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    July 5, 2006

    Twelve Uneasy Pieces

    The Wolves' massive overhaul begins with top pick Randy Foye

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    April 5, 2006

    Wolf at the Door

    Sooner or later, Kevin Garnett will leave Minnesota without a championship

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    December 14, 2005

    I Love the 80s

    Since when could the Wolves hold their opponents to fewer than 90 points a game?

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    October 31, 2005

    Where are they now? T-Wolves edition

    As we prepare to semi-root for another bunch of spoiled rich uniforms that will be gone and forgotten by this time next year, it's a good time to find out where some of our former Wolves heroes have ended up.

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    April 20, 2005

    Held Back

    Now that their last chance at a playoff berth is mercifully gone, it's time to pass out the grades for this year's Timberwolves--and boy, are their moms gonna be mad

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    April 13, 2005

    Not With a Bang but a Whimper

    Best thing about the Wolves' season: It's almost over

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    April 11, 2005

    Exchange: Whither the Wolves?

    Exchange: After a rotten season, whither the Wolves? And, heresy of heresies: why not trade KG? by Britt Robson and Steve Perry Perry: Your column today pretty much nails the Wolves' season, but there was one thing it left me wondering: Besides the addition-by-subtraction of getting shut of Sam Cas ... More >>

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    March 30, 2005

    Don't Wait Until Next Year

    Playoffs? It's (long past) time to throw in the towel and plan for next year

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    March 9, 2005

    Sam the Sham

    The '05 Wolves' biggest letdown artist isn't Latrell Sprewell

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    February 23, 2005

    With Friends Like KGÖ

    Kevin Garnett remains the best player in the NBA. But considering his ill-judged and mostly graceless role in the Flip Saunders affair, maybe itís time we all stopped calling him a great leader

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    February 16, 2005

    Scapegoat Time

    The Wolves cap a lost season by thinking like losers

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    February 9, 2005

    Canine Distemper

    Forget About the Wolves Bandwagon. Now Might Be the Time to Climb Aboard the Tow Truck.

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    February 2, 2005

    What Happened?

    Everybody thought the Wolves would contend for an NBA crown this year, and some picked them to win it. Not anymore: how egos and contracts turned one of the league's highest-paid teams into middle-of-the-pack underachievers.

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    January 26, 2005

    One For The Team

    In praise of Fred Hoiberg

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    January 19, 2005

    Shuffling the Starters

    The Wolves lineup shuffle only partly fixes their underachievement problem

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    January 12, 2005

    An Emergency Prescription

    One proposal for turning around the Wolves season

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    January 5, 2005

    MV3 Minus 2 Equals 1 Long Season

    Spree and Sammy arenít the same guys they were a year ago

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    December 15, 2004

    Up And Down

    If Flip can coach the Wolves to a decisive win over Sacramento, what's his team doing losing to the Bulls?

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    December 8, 2004

    Stepping Up

    Flip Saunders decks the halls with boughs of Wally

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    December 1, 2004

    The Man in the Middle

    With Michael Olowokandi seeming stunned, newcomer Eddie Griffin steps front and center

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    November 10, 2004

    Underachieving with Attitude

    The early omens aren't good for Sam Cassell and the Wolves

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    November 3, 2004

    A Season on the Brink

    Will a healthy Wolves roster take the team forward or backward?

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    June 9, 2004

    A Tough Act To Follow

    Time for Wolves management to be bold--again

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    May 26, 2004

    A Watery Grave

    The Lakers drown the Wolves' hopes

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    April 28, 2004
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    April 28, 2004

    One Down...

    Bold coaching helps the Wolves eliminate the Nuggets

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    April 28, 2004

    Best Supporting Actors

    Hassell and Hoiberg rescue the Wolves

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    April 21, 2004


    The Wolves leave their game in Minnesota

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    April 21, 2004

    The Beauty of Ugly

    The Wolves suffocate Denver with a capital D

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    April 14, 2004

    Just A Win

    KG and Sammy strip-mine the Nuggets

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    April 14, 2004

    True Grit

    The Wolves set the stage for an extended playoff run

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    April 14, 2004

    How The West Was Won

    On the brink of the playoffs, the Wolves' brain trust breaks down the best season in franchise history

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    March 31, 2004

    No More Smiles

    The Wolves' slump brings grimaces and gritted teeth

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    February 18, 2004

    The Picture of Health

    Will an injury-free roster make the wolves better?

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    February 4, 2004

    The Third Wheel

    The Wolves' winning Spree

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    January 21, 2004

    Sam I Am

    Cassell, the Wolves' crunch time warrior

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    January 7, 2004

    The Wolves Get D

    Playing both ends of the court

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    December 10, 2003

    Underdogs Again

    Another injury has the suddenly undersized Timberwolves looking up at their Western Conference rivals

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    November 26, 2003

    A Hard Road

    Banged-up team meets brutal schedule

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    November 12, 2003

    Learning to Fly

    The Wolves' shaky start is nothing to fret about. Yet, anyway.

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    October 22, 2003

    This Is It

    The future is now

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    December 1, 1999

    As the Lineup Turns

    Joe Smith slowly returns to 100 percent--and the Wolves ponder where to play him

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    January 13, 1999

    Let the Games Begin

    With that pesky lockout behind them, the Timberwolves get down to business

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