Kristin Mooney

  • Arts

    October 26, 2005

    Feeling Strangely Busy

    Fickle major labels, lethargic production schedules, desensitized index fingers--nothing can slow John Munson down

  • Arts

    April 14, 2004

    It's Always Darkest Before Dawn

    Dana Thompson was heartbroken. She couldn't pay her rent. The time was right to record a country album.

  • News

    February 27, 2002


    We sent a team of trained researchers and documentarians into the wilds of the Twin Cities in search of music in its native habitat. Here are the field notes from Friday, February 15--the day that would not end.

  • Music

    September 8, 1999
  • News

    April 22, 1998

    Picked To Click VIII

    It's an odd, autonomous, anomalous year for the 1998 City Pages New Music Poll.

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    February 14, 1996