Jake Mandell

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    September 10, 2008
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    September 19, 2007
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    August 19, 2005
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    May 15, 2002

    Electric Company

    Two local jazz luminaries become laptop converts

  • Arts

    January 2, 2002

    The Year in Music

    The Sound of Music, 2001: Our Favorite Things

  • Arts

    May 16, 2001

    Zen Arcade

    A new-wave rocker turns into a medical-software developer. A Web site turns into a nightclub. Adventures in branding and reinvention at downtown's Sursumcorda.

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    February 23, 2000

    Square Roots

    Multiplying geeky pop by brainy drum 'n' bass, Triangle's new math adds up

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    January 5, 2000
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    December 29, 1999

    A Power of Ten

    Slug's love bug, Kat Bjelland's exorcism, Dave Pirner's throbbing shins: Ten years of local music served on ten great platters.

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    November 3, 1999
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    April 21, 1999

    Scene Not Heard

    Computer wizards leave their bedrooms, rappers reach the stage, and the Mason Jennings Band creates the bar buzz of the decade. In the ninth annual City Pages New Music Poll, 60 local music fans pick the bands that made the biggest noise.

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    February 24, 1999

    The Machine Makes the Man

    Under the name Radar Threat, Benji Gross visits a retrograde world of analog instruments and the Atari 2600

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    January 27, 1999
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    December 16, 1998

    OK Computer

    A musical boy and his laptop give new meaning to the term Mac Daddy