Irma Vep

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    August 27, 2014
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    June 6, 2012
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    June 22, 2010

    Jungle Theater's "Irma Vep": making a Ridiculous summer

    Michal DanielBradley Greenwald (with wolf) cops a feel; Steven Epp objects​ Our spotlight review of the Jungle's The Mystery of Irma Vep will appear in tomorrow's City Pages; in the meantime here are some first thoughts based on last Saturday's opening weekend performance.

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    June 18, 2010

    Twin Cities theater: weekend rundown June 18-20

    Michal DanielPutting our best men on it: Steven Epp and Bradley Greenwald in "Irma Vep"​​ The nirvana of the front-porch/back-deck, cool-drink-in-hand state of mind is certainly exerting its pull right now in these climes. But there's still plenty of time for culture (and you need something to t ... More >>

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    June 9, 2010
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    December 21, 2005

    Up, Up, and Away

    'Pluto' elevates Neil Jordan's buoyant sensibility to a new level

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    December 31, 2003

    Artists of the Year

    Iraq. SARS. Jay Leno, Still on television practically every night. Yeah, 2003 was about as much fun as a social disease.

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    October 14, 1998

    Coming Attractions?

    A wish list of might-be hits from the New York Film Festival

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    January 7, 1998

    The Year in Film

    In 1997, independence was not a status so much as a state of mind.

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    December 17, 1997

    Raiders of the Lost Art

    Has the artsyplex boom housebroken the independent film? A partisan's manifesto.