Ferris Alexander

  • News

    November 7, 2007

    Return of the Porn King

    Defender of sleaze gets hung up in trust-fund probe

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    November 17, 2004

    Stew Thornley's Book of the Dead

    A boneyard baedeker reveals
    where the bodies are buried

  • News

    March 12, 2003

    The Porn Warrior at Rest

    Ferris Alexander's legacy

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    May 16, 2001

    Street Fighting Man

    neighborhood prophet or capitalist pariah. basim sabri doesn't care what people think of him--as long as they stay out of his way.

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    February 28, 2001

    So you want to be a public servant?

    You too could be mayor of St. Paul! Just answer a dozen of the most preposterous, frivolous, and insultingly direct questions you could ever hope to encounter in your whole squirming political life.

  • Arts

    March 22, 2000

    There Goes the Neighborhood

    Can an art gallery in a rehabilitated theater change the picture for East Franklin Avenue?

  • Books

    June 16, 1999

    Junk Bond

    Books for a nickel. Microwave magnets for a buck. Uptown's most assiduous dumpster diver knows there's gold in the garbage.

  • Books

    August 19, 1998

    There's the Rub

    Minneapolis cops and their good neighbors set sights on another south-side sauna

  • Books

    May 27, 1998

    Pound of Flesh

    The former owner of Buns & Roses says Minneapolis cops wanted him to pay up or shut down

  • Feature

    February 4, 1998


    Blue No More: The Franklin Theater plans to leave its porn days behind with a long-coming renovation.

  • News

    November 19, 1997

    Paper Trail

    How five loudmouth newsies built an information dynasty.