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    January 29, 2013

    More than half of Minnesotans report "adverse" experiences as kids

    People tend to think, or at least hope, that most kids have trauma-free childhoods. But a Minnesota Department of Health survey released yesterday afternoon shows that the opposite is more common.See Also:- Minnesotans have a lot of STDs- Erin Brockovich investigating Fridley's elevated cancer rates

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    April 19, 2012

    Minnesotans have a lot of STDs

    According to a new report out from the Minnesota Department of Health, 2011 was a banner year for STDs. Finishing out the year with a record-setting 16,898 reported cases, chlamydia came out on top in the race to screw up our sex lives. Left untreated, that is a nasty little disease that can have r ... More >>

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    April 16, 2012

    Fridley's cancer rate "not unusual," says new state analysis

    Last month, an epidemiologist at the Minnesota Department of Health found that Fridley's cancer rate is about 10 percent above the statewide norm -- a finding that prompted environmental activist Erin Brockovich to announce her investigative team is looking into possible causes of the so-called Frid ... More >>

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    June 11, 2008

    An Endless Summer of Cinema

    The season's best film festivals and events

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    October 10, 2007

    The Fix Is In

    Watch Your Back, Grisham: 'Michael Clayton' Is No Ordinary Legal Thriller

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    January 25, 2006

    The Dead and Dying

    Soderbergh's atypically marketed small-town noir

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    January 26, 2005

    Final Cut

    'Moolaadé' seeks an end to female circumcision in Senegal

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    December 15, 2004

    The Soderbergh Job

    Hollywood's hardest-working director grabs the goods, shares his take

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    December 17, 2003

    Say Cheese

    Pups nipping at Julia's heels show their teeth in 'Smile'

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    February 7, 2001

    Out of Sight

    Celebrity supernova Jennifer Lopez opens her mouth and makes the world a sadder and lonelier place

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    January 3, 2001

    The Year in Film

    What you see is (not) what you get: Twelve months of well-screened duds and rarely viewed wonders

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    December 27, 2000

    Artists Of The Year

    From escapist entertainment to aesthetic ecstasy: Twenty-nine writers script valentines to twelve months of culture

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    November 29, 2000

    Mysteries of Love

    Humanité mounts a complicated investigation of a simple man

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    October 11, 2000

    The Party Crasher

    No one's giving much thought to Ralph Nader's running mate. But it has never been a good idea to underestimate Winona LaDuke.

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    May 10, 2000

    Tripped Out

    The film junketeer's absurd travels have nothing on the screwy Road Trip

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    March 15, 2000

    To Be Real

    After a string of meta-roles, Julia Roberts gets back to work in Erin Brockovich

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    October 13, 1999