Entourage (TV Show)

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    April 18, 2007

    What Garry Didn't Know

    This week: Larry Sanders, Smokin' Aces, The Last King of Scotland, and Overlord

  • Sports

    June 21, 2006

    Imaginary Friends

    They drive Maseratis, fly in private jets, and bed 'perfect ten' models—just like us

  • News

    August 17, 2005

    Are you there Hollywood? It's me, Diablo

    My adventures (so far) in the screenwriting trade

  • Blogs

    July 8, 2005

    Lonely "bitch" finds new home

    Last year, "I'm Rick James, bitch!" was the nation's favorite catchphrase, taking over locker rooms, restaurants, swimming pools, churches, and knitting gatherings like a virus that just would not die already. But now that Dave Chappelle has abandoned Comedy Central, HBO's Entourage fills the void w ... More >>