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    April 9, 2008
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    January 26, 2006

    Oprah: "It's not sad for me. It's embarrassing."

    Today on "Oprah," talk-show host Winfrey brought out James Frey, author of A Million Little Pieces, who is probably understandably nostalgiac for the days when he had the support of his one-time backer (read Emily Carter's take on things in this week's City Pages). His self-styled credibility as a b ... More >>

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    October 12, 2005

    The Weakest Shade of Blue

    Eliza Gilkyson peeks out from the foxhole

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    September 14, 2005
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    August 31, 2005
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    October 31, 2001

    En Gaard

    Cartoonist and portraitist Frank Gaard has faced off against the anti-defamation league, art-school administration, and his landlord and remains a defiantly good artist

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    December 27, 2000

    Artists Of The Year

    From escapist entertainment to aesthetic ecstasy: Twenty-nine writers script valentines to twelve months of culture

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    August 30, 2000

    An Encyclopedia of Little Abominations

    Emily Carter's flirtation with drugs led her from Park Avenue to a bad marriage with the festering streets of New York's Alphabet City. Now, in a collection of stories, Carter recalls the ABCs of addiction--and spells out the terms of a new life in Minnea