Eldridge Cleaver

  • Calendar

    November 28, 2007
  • Movies

    June 7, 2000

    Brothers and Mommas

    Public Enemy and Big Momma's House take radically different approaches to African-American nostalgia

  • Music

    January 19, 2000

    Rap In Peace

    With new tracks exhumed from the vaults, Biggie and Tupac add to their corpses' corpora

  • Arts

    January 5, 2000

    Newton's Laws

    A one-man show captures the complications Huey P. Newton faced in trying to walk like a Panther

  • Feature

    May 21, 1997

    Internet, Book, Video, Music

    Art Crimes, Susan Welch, Amiri Baraka, Edward Humes, Garry Wills, The Wife, Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent, Sweet Nothing, Boz Scaggs, dEUS