David Fisher

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    March 17, 2010

    Jon Gurban, Minneapolis parks superintendent, won't seek contract extension

    Jon Gurban, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation superintendent, will end his contact June 30 as planned, but he won't be gone from the Park and Recreation Board just yet.

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    September 22, 2004

    Year of the Rat

    Baaaaing at sheep, barking at dogs: How to have a conversation with the universe

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    June 19, 2002
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    March 6, 2002

    Cash Cowed

    Is $13k too much to pay for a compact disc? Not in Hennepin County.

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    January 9, 2002

    Data Man

    When state legislators weigh privacy rights against the public's right to know, they call Don Gemberling: Big Brother's Big Brother

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    February 2, 2000

    Stop That Train!

    Light-rail boosters insist their multimillion-dollar project is finally leaving the station. But first Shoreview legislator Phil Krinkie has a few questions about inflated budgets, bid rigging, and some mysterious memos.

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    September 16, 1998

    Political Theater

    The Guthrie's search for new digs casts the company in a Minneapolis development drama