Dameion Robinson

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    August 8, 2006

    Johnny Earl Edwards: the archive

    Try, Try Again

    The courts are determined to make a 10-year-old murder charge stick

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    June 4, 2003

    Trial By Color

    Minnesota courts tighten rules against race-based appeals, but it's small consolation to Dameion Robinson

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    December 4, 2002

    He's Sorry

    Former gang prosecution snitch Johnny Edwards recants--sort of

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    February 2, 2000

    S is for Spriegl

    One jury sent Dameion Robinson to prison for life. The other said he was not guilty. Confusing? Not to the state Supreme Court.

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    September 22, 1999

    Snitch Botch

    When police informant Johnny Edwards sang, men went to prison. Now his tune is coming back to haunt the courts.

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    May 26, 1999

    Johnny's Last Song

    Hennepin County's favorite informant faces the music

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    February 10, 1999

    The Plot Thickens

    More tales of slippery snitches, pearl-handled guns, and the shell casing that grew on the lawn

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    November 25, 1998

    Snitch Glitch

    Has Johnny "Walk on Water" Edwards finally met his match?

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    June 24, 1998

    Stool Pigeon Redux

    His trial was a comedy of errors, but the man Johnny Edwards fingered for murder isn't laughing

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    February 18, 1998

    Stool Pigeon

    Sure, he's got an unfortunate knack for running afoul of the law. But that's nothing compared to his talent for getting himself set free.