Christine Whitman

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    September 11, 2006

    9/11 Morning Communiqué

    Former EPA chief blames NYC for Ground Zero illnesses, 9/11 Report graphic novel a bestseller, no evidence linking Saddam and al-Qaeda, Katie ... More >>

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    February 6, 2006

    2/6: Morning Communique

    Cookie Monster singing, forced labor at a Utah church, Chewbacca's blog, make your own Man-O-Lantern, the Minnesota Blog of the Day, and more...

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    November 12, 1997

    Party of Losers

    A recent Supreme Court decision upholding tight Minnesota rules on cross-party endorsements quashed the possibility of third parties playing a balance-of-power role in most states. Thus, the only hope for a renewal of progressive electoral politics is for

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    October 15, 1997

    High Stakes

    When Minnesota and Wisconsin tribes gave $500,000 to the Democrats, a lobbyist testified, the Democrats listened.