Buffy Sedlachek

  • Arts

    April 20, 2005

    Sex, Death, and the Struggle to Stay Awake

    Making whoopee at the Jungle and Off-Leash Area

  • Arts

    September 19, 2001

    The Remains of the Day

    Buffy Sedlachek's Tamarack combs a crime scene for clues into human nature

  • Arts

    December 13, 2000

    The Year in Theater

    The best and worst of 150 nights spent in a dark room. Plus: Dramatic hypotheses, and thespians speak out.

  • Arts

    April 26, 2000

    If the Suit Fits

    Outward Spiral examines a transgendered vaudevillian; the Jungle visits the wounded world of Tennessee Williams

  • Arts

    July 14, 1999

    American Pastoral

    William Inge's Picnic labors over misdemeanors of the heart