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    November 22, 2013

    Kevin Garnett, back in Mpls for possibly the last time, says he still has love for Minnesota

    More than six years after the Timberwolves traded him to Boston for pennies on the dollar, Kevin Garnett will play what could be his last game at the arena he helped put on the NBA map.He's now 37 and in his 19th NBA season, and KG's numbers have declined precipitously during his first campaign with ... More >>

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    March 27, 2013

    Major League Baseball's screwball economics

    As another baseball season begins, MLB faces an unstable future — and you're picking up the tab

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    December 17, 2012

    Kevin McHale breaks down in tears in Kevin Garnett's arms [VIDEO]

    On Friday night, Kevin McHale and Kevin Garnett shared one of the most touching moments in NBA history.SEE ALSO: Ricky Rubio, facing recovery from devastating injury, displays wisdom beyond his years As the final seconds ticked off the clock during the Houston's win over visiting Boston, Garnett wal ... More >>

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    October 29, 2012

    T-Wolves' 'Cream Team' roster is about selling tickets to white fans, black council leader says

    In a piece published over the weekend, the Star Tribune's Jerry Zgoda and Dennis Brackin went there -- they wrote a story about the Timberwolves' historically white roster, which has been dubbed the 'Cream Team.'SEE ALSO:-- Wolves acquire Chase Budinger, white guy who jumped over P. Diddy at Dunk Co ... More >>

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    March 27, 2012

    Vanilla Ice and Kevin Garnett visit Timberwolves on Friday

    ​A couple blasts from the past will be in town this week as the Minnesota Timberwolves play host to the Boston Celtics (featuring our old "buddy" Kevin Garnett) and '90s pop superstar Vanilla Ice. The rapper will perform at halftime of Friday's contest at Target Center.Although "Ice Ice Baby" is n ... More >>

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    February 22, 2011

    10 of the greatest names in sports

    What's your favorite name in sports?

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    February 3, 2011
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    June 11, 2010

    Kevin Garnett's $3M Orono digs sold (he's never coming back)

    Via WikipediaReal estate tycoon​Former Timberwolves forward Kevin Garnett, currently trying to help his fellow Boston Celtics beat the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA finals, has sold his $3 million Orono mansion for $3 million. Let's hope whomever bought it has a "G" in their initials, becaus ... More >>

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    November 5, 2009

    Celtics, KG escape Minneapolis scathed

    The Wolves lose 92-90. They tried real, real hard though.

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    April 17, 2009

    Timberwolves: life out of balance

    The Wolves damaged season comes to a close.

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    February 25, 2009

    Marbury bought out by Knicks

    Looks like Starbury might become a Celtic after all.

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    February 2, 2009

    Lakers, Celtics school Wolves

    Those teams are great at basketball; the Wolves, less so.

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    January 27, 2009

    Marbury to Knicks: "Lets put away those childish acts"

    stephon.000.jpgEverybody to Steph: "Uh, dude, what are you t ... More >>

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    January 16, 2009

    Stephon Marbury is still a Knick, sort of

    stephon.000.jpgStarbury remains an artist, not an entertainer.

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    November 23, 2008

    Celtics, Garnett refresh Timberwolves' memory

    Timberwolves fans, please remember, if it's not too painful, last year's NBA Finals and the moment we could refer to as "The Great Ecstasy of Kevin Garnett." You might recall that, after handing out his due props and basically ignoring Michelle Tafoya except to complement her suit, he screamed, over ... More >>

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    October 22, 2008

    2008 T-Wolves: Now 11% Whiter!

    wolf-logo.gifThe jerseys aren’t the only thing changing color at Target Center this season.

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    October 14, 2008

    Timberwolves point guard Sebastian Telfair suspended

    Timberwolves point guard Sebastian Telfair has been suspended without pay for three games for pleading guilty to criminal poss ... More >>

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    June 19, 2008

    Breakfast of Champions 6/19: Fundamentally changing our legacy

    Between the iPhones made of gold and lascivious headlines, we photograph the Black Angels and muse about how a short series in a team sport can define your legacy.

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    June 10, 2008

    Lakers Fans safe at Mayslack’s Bar.

    As Kobe and Pau return home to Hollywood tonight to defend their turf, Lakers fans are on edge. This wasn’t how it was supposed to turn out.

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    June 3, 2008

    Bill Simmons doesn't think you should root for the Lakers

    I know, I know, he's a Celtics fan, so that's not news. But there's an element of local rele ... More >>

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    June 1, 2008

    Watch out or Kobe might instill his DNA in you

    Why are the Lakers facing Kevin Garnett's Celtics in the NBA Finals? Kobe Bryant found a way to fill his teammates with Kobe DNA. Um, eww.

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    February 27, 2008

    Al Jefferson: Minnesota's Franchise 2.0

    The Wolves believe in life after Kevin Garnett

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    December 12, 2007

    Poop Goes The Sports Figure

    Catalonia has a rich culture, distinct from the rest of Spain. It has bestowed upon visitors the restful beaches of Barcelona, delectable ... More >>

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    November 21, 2007
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    November 13, 2007

    Top 10 ACL Injury Videos

    After watching Sunday's shameful drubbing at the hands of Green Bay, my friends agreed that only way to protect the knee of Adrian Peterson, the Purple Jesus, from a torn ACL was to attempt the rare reverse jinx -- in this case, preparing a post featuring 10 of the worst ACL injury videos I ... More >>

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    July 30, 2007

    Is KG finally gone?

    Several news outlets are reporting that Kevin Garnett is being shipped to the Boston Celtics for basically their entire roster excluding Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. The Boston Globe says that ... More >>

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    February 12, 2007
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    February 3, 2007

    The Three-Pointer: The Breaking Point

    1. James and Foye and Jaric, oh my 2. And the Paint was as Bad as the Point 3. Quick hits

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    October 30, 2006

    This week in City Pages: Wolves owner Glen Taylor speaks out

    On Wednesday -- that's tomorrow night for online readers -- the CP cover story will be Britt Robson's pre-season intervie ... More >>

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    October 30, 2006

    This week in City Pages: Wolves owner Glen Taylor speaks out

    On Wednesday--that's tomorrow night for online readers--the CP cover story will be Britt Robson's pre-season interview with the remarkably candid Glen Taylor. Here's a short excerpt, on the subject of last year's trade of Wally Szczerbiak to Boston. City Pages: What about the deal with Boston? ... More >>

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    July 5, 2006

    Twelve Uneasy Pieces

    The Wolves' massive overhaul begins with top pick Randy Foye

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    April 5, 2006

    Wolf at the Door

    Sooner or later, Kevin Garnett will leave Minnesota without a championship

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    March 22, 2006


    This year's Wolves: I screwed up--I trusted them

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    March 17, 2006

    The Three-Pointer: Seven in a row

    1. Planning to lose 2. Sugar-coating 3. The Yeoman

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    March 1, 2006

    The Three-Pointer: A Much-Needed Feel-Good About The Future Game

    1. Three into two 2. Reed and Jaric. Not pretty, just effective. 3. Belated praise for Jim Peterson

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    February 22, 2006
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    February 5, 2006

    The Three-Pointer: Rock Bottom

    1. Stupid and Lazy 2. Honeymoon over for Dwane Casey 3. Opinions are like brains...everybody's got one

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    February 1, 2006

    The Three-Pointer: Reality Bites

    1. Jaric in freefall mode 2. There is no D in the words "Ex-Boston Celtic" 3. Austin Peay in the house once again

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    February 1, 2006

    The Boston C. Party

    The Wolves' trade with the Boston Celtics pays immediate dividends. But will they last?

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    January 31, 2006
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    January 25, 2006

    One Man's Rubble is Another Man's Building Block

    The Wolves' current squad is either inching toward improvement or crawling into the dustbin

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    January 24, 2006

    The Three-Pointer: Flip's Revenge

    1. Child is father to the man 2. Snuffed out. 3. A class act and an annoying facade.

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    January 23, 2006
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    February 9, 2005

    Canine Distemper

    Forget About the Wolves Bandwagon. Now Might Be the Time to Climb Aboard the Tow Truck.

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    April 14, 2004
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    December 10, 2003

    Underdogs Again

    Another injury has the suddenly undersized Timberwolves looking up at their Western Conference rivals

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    November 20, 2002

    A Veteran Clamps Down

    The Wolves find an unexpected bright spot

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    April 17, 2002

    Round One Knocks

    Of Shots, Roles, and Team Dysfunction

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    February 13, 2002

    The Anti-Brandon Bandwagon

    Terrell Brandon's season-ending injury may have come just in the nick of time

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    February 7, 1996
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