Amy Phenix

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    August 4, 1999
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    April 14, 1999
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    February 24, 1999

    Hard and Fast

    Recent embarrassments notwithstanding, Minneapolis isn't softening its stance on high-speed chases

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    September 2, 1998

    Ready for LEGO Day?

    You name it, the mayor's proclaimed it

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    June 3, 1998

    Goodbye Golden Boy

    Baby Boomers and Block E. Preservation and parks. Urban history and virtual reality. Outgoing city planning director Paul Farmer on the politics and passions that got him fired.

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    October 29, 1997

    Deja News

    Because the convention center is Minneapolis's most prized cash cow, say officials and employees alike, nothing's happened in the two years since the city ordered an investigation of the facility's intolerable working conditions.

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    October 22, 1997

    Four More Years in Minneapolis?

    Race discrimination in the fire department has cost Minneapolis millions, infuriated the courts, and divided the force. Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton's response? Zilch.

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    September 3, 1997

    Sign Language

    "Name recognition is key," says Steve Clift, director of Democracies Online. Compared to campaigns in other parts of the United States, he contends that graphically the Twin Cities are still in the stick-figure stage.

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    July 23, 1997

    Opening Shots

    Babs has convinced the media players she's in the game, something the mayor seems not to have expected.

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    June 25, 1997

    Her Own Petard

    "Invulnerable" or not, Sharon Sayles Belton may be in for a rough year