Addiction and Recovery

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    January 17, 2014

    Hennepin County Sheriff Stanek to kids: Don't do drugs, ice fish instead! [UPDATE]

    -- Update, including comments from Stanek himself, at bottom -- This afternoon, Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek will meet with a group of children from the Boys and Girls Club of Little Earth to run these words of wisdom by them:RELATED: Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek thinks pot makes you v ... More >>

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    December 18, 2013

    MNGOP Rep. Drazkowski blames liberal media after report rips apart his useless pet law

    In Sunday's Star Tribune, reporter Chris Serres took a tough look at a law sponsored by Rep. Steve Drazkowski, R-Mazeppa, that requires some welfare recipients to take random drug tests on pain of losing their benefits.SEE ALSO: Pine County Sheriff's refusal to enforce new gun regulations has Draz's ... More >>

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    November 20, 2013

    Frowny Blaine bank robber was drunk on mouthwash and just wanted more [MUGSHOT]

    St. Paul resident Shawna Pearson is now in custody at the Anoka County Jail after a mouthwash-fueled (mis)adventure that included a bank robbery, a stint in detox, a bus ride to southern California, and a trip to Mexico in search of cheap booze.SEE ALSO: Stillwater couple's pock-faced, cross-eyed mu ... More >>

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    September 17, 2013

    MPR's Bob Collins takes cocaine shot at Jeff Dubay after Dubay calls for Kill's resignation

    Jeff Dubay hasn't quit Twitter, as he threatened to do after taking a lot of 140-character heat for calling global warming a "left wing conspiracy" on his ESPN 1500 radio show last month. In fact, his latest Twitter imbroglio might be his most lively yet.SEE ALSO: Dave Ryan's Twitter rant leads to ... More >>

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    June 14, 2013

    Tan Mom sent to detox for public drunkenness at MSP

    Tan Mom spent last night at a Twin Cities detox facility after she landed at MSP drunk as tanning-bed-fried skunk.SEE ALSO: Skin cancer rates for young women eight-times higher than in 1970, Mayo study findsWho is Tan Mom, you ask? Well, her real name is Patricia Krentcil, and we're writing about he ... More >>

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    May 31, 2013

    Paul Thissen wants to crack down on synthetic drugs

    Synthetic drugs are already illegal in Minnesota, but lawmakers believe there's more work to be done to "combat the spread of the sale" of these and other controlled substances across the state. House Speaker Paul Thissen, D-Minneapolis, announced this week he's starting a committee to study the i ... More >>

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    February 5, 2013

    Soul Food Junkie Cheo Smith gives dishes a healthy spin [RECIPES]

    A few weeks back, we reported on the release of a new film called Soul Food Junkies by director Byron Hurt about the unhealthy effects of the high-fat foods that are part of Southern cuisine, particularly on the African-American community. We had a connection to the movie already since local ph ... More >>

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    October 2, 2012

    Duluth officer Richard Jouppi brutally beat a drunk man in a wheelchair [VIDEO]

    Duluth police officer Richard Jouppi, 34, has been placed on paid administrative leave and is under criminal investigation after brutally beating a drunk man in a wheelchair at the Duluth Detoxification Center on September 21.SEE ALSO:-- MPD officer Blayne Lehner shown choking and pepper-spraying pr ... More >>

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    September 12, 2012

    Rob Koebel, Wisconsin TV reporter, drunkenly asks cop: "Know who you're messing with?"

    SEE ALSO:-- Randy Hopper, former Wisconsin GOP senator, says drunk driving arrest politically motivated-- Dashboard cam shows Wisconsin man getting arrested for driving lawn mower while drunk [VIDEO]-- Wis. woman calls 911 to report herself drunk drivingRob Koebel, a TV reporter for Milwaukee-based ... More >>

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    June 4, 2012

    Derek Boogaard received more than 100 prescriptions before death

    Derek Boogaard, the former Wild player whose death made him a poster boy for anti-enforcer sentiment, received more than 100 prescriptions for various pills from NHL team doctors in the years before his death. That's perhaps the most alarming finding in a New York Times report out today that gives ... More >>

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    April 17, 2012

    Amy Senser was drinking the night she killed Phanthavong, prosecutor says

    Amy Senser admitted to a daughter that she was drinking the night she ran over Anousone Phanthavong, a Hennepin County prosecutor said Monday. Deborah Russell, the assistant county attorney who made the statement during a motions hearing in Senser's case, didn't elaborate. Prosecutors revealed ea ... More >>

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    December 6, 2011

    Derek Boogaard had degenerative brain disease linked to head injuries

    The results are in from tests on Derek Boogaard's brain.​After former Wild enforcer Derek Boogaard was found dead in his apartment this past spring, many wondered if a season-ending concussion had anything to do with his untimely death. A toxicology report from the Hennepin County Medical Examiner ... More >>

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    June 8, 2011

    Restraining order claims Bill Pulkrabek is an alcoholic cat abuser who freaks over skin cream

    It sounds like Bill Pulkrabek is not doing so great.​A restraining order filed against Washington County Commissioner and former Michele Bachmann campaign manager Bill Pulkrabek claims that he is an abusive alcoholic who refuses to get help. The restraining order was filed by Pulkrabek's girl ... More >>

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    March 8, 2011

    Mike Starr of Alice in Chains dead at 44

    Mike Starr, top center, with the original Alice in Chains lineup in 1990​Mike Starr, original bassist and co-founder of the Seattle-based grunge band Alice in Chains, died today at his home in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was 44 years old.

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    February 18, 2011

    Mapping the world's drunkest countries

    Can American beer drinkers best the Germans? ​Wonder how your beer consumption compares to those of your counterparts in Belgium or Burkina Faso? The World Heath Organization recently released its comprehensive Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health (2011), which revealed some interesting ... More >>

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    September 9, 2010

    Synthetic marijuana bans spread to Princeton and Hastings

    K2 smokers, watch your back in these towns.​As we predicted in July, the days of getting legally high on synthetic marijuana are increasingly numbered.Duluth was the first domino to fall, passing a city-wide ban on several common synthetic cannabinoid compounds.

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    August 19, 2010

    Ramsey County Detox flooded by pissed off woman with lighter

    Photo: crawfish headThe Ramsey County detox pat-down leaves a little to be desired, it seems. flooded​Coming down can be such a bummer. Just ask the 18-year-old woman who used her lighter to set off the fire sprinklers at the Ramsey County Detoxification Center on Monday. The folks there are s ... More >>

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    July 2, 2010

    Bat-wielding baby killer David Collins sentenced

    Collins swung a bat in a church that killed a 14-month-old baby​And so closes another chapter in the turbulent life of Thy Kingdom Come Church in Wheaton: David Collins will spend 20 years in prison for taking a swing at Claude Hankins with a baseball bat in the church, and killing Hankin's 14 ... More >>

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    May 12, 2010

    Joshua James Walker named the Shakopee killer

    Joshua James Walker​Joshua James Walker, a 34-year-old Shakopee man with a rap sheet stretching back a dozen years, has been identified as the guy who stole a car yesterday in Plymouth, stabbed 30-year-old Asia King to death in Shakopee, and then was shot dead by cops in a ditch on Highway 169 ... More >>

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    March 17, 2010
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    January 7, 2010

    Star Tribune launches modern-day Inquisition

    The email ominously promises, "The response - or the absence of a response - will likely be used in a future news story."

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    January 5, 2010

    Too many drunks in St. Cloud, or not enough beds?

    There are no empty detox beds at the Central Minnesota Mental Health Center for most days each month.

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    December 28, 2009

    GOP Chair Sutton calls DFLer Dayton's alcoholism "not relevant"

    Dayton is one of 11 Democrats seeking the governorship. We'll see how this plays out.

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    December 28, 2009

    Hinderaker accuses Strib of burying Dayton's issues for years

    Power Line blogger says "news" about gubernatorial candidate's alcoholism, depression is anything but.

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    August 25, 2009

    Wis. bill would ban parents from getting their children drunk in public

    There's nothing better than listening to boys with cracking adolescent voices while you watch them down a beer at your local pub.

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    July 29, 2009

    Ex-KFAN host Dubay sentenced to 180 days in workhouse

    The ex-KFAN radio host's terrible cocaine habit just sent him straight to the workhouse.

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    June 10, 2009

    Hannity can't stop asking Pawlenty if he has 2012 ambitions

    Fox News show host Sean Hannity spoke to Pawlenty last night and just couldn't let 2012 go.

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    September 24, 2008

    Last chance for Rep. Ramstad's legacy mental health bill

    The bill would require health insurers to cover mental health just as they do physical conditions, but time is running out to pass t ... More >>

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    June 30, 2008

    Pat Neshek and his Staedtler pen

    Pat Neshek is off the mound and in rehab. In his spare ... More >>

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    March 26, 2008

    Crime and PTSD

    Pending legislation would help veterans get treatment instead of prison time

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    December 6, 2006

    He Don't Know Smack

    Down from the mountain, Heath Ledger gets spun on junky 'Candy'

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    September 7, 2006

    Borene drops out of legislative race

    Citing issues of chemical dependency, DFL State Senate candidate Andrew Borene has just circulated an email saying he will drop out of the race against Republican incumbent Geoff Michel in District 41.

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    June 16, 2006

    Speed kills (but not as often as you think)

    As anyone who reads the Strib, watches th ... More >>

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    January 5, 2006

    So what if panhandlers drink their profits?

    Over the past year, I have noted a pronounced increase in the number of panhandlers in Minneapolis. I have noticed this because I am not blind. There are simply a lot more drunks, addicts, homeless and otherwise marginalized folks hovering at the steet corners.

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    December 21, 2005

    Little Court of Horrors

    In Anoka County juvenile court, meth and red tape are playing hell with the fate of children

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    August 30, 2005

    Meth: Is it really Minnesota's biggest drug problem?

    That's what the Star Tribune wants readers to believe. It's right there in the lede to today's explainer piece about about meth lab toxicity. Without citation, reporter Karen Yousa bluntly asserts that meth is "Minnesota's biggest drug problem." Sounds scary. But is it true? Not by most available ... More >>

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    August 10, 2005

    Meth Mouth Madness

    The "meth mouth" epidemic is now accepted fact. Pictures of recovering addicts with blackened, decaying teeth have become staples of newspaper articles and television reports. But is the main cause of these rotting incisors meth use--or simply poor hygiene and eating habits?

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    December 1, 2004

    The Man in the Middle

    With Michael Olowokandi seeming stunned, newcomer Eddie Griffin steps front and center

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    June 25, 2003

    Addicted To Drug Court

    The Good News and the Bad News: Hennepin Countys drug court has cleared court dockets and steered a lot of people toward treatment. Its also allowed the county to push thousands more casual offenders into the corrections system.

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    May 14, 2003

    Meth Myths, Meth Realities

    What we know--and what we don't--about methamphetamine's history, chemistry, and impact on users

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    October 2, 2002

    A Junkie's Work is Never Done

    Ever since his first jolt of painkillers 17 years ago, Curt has been meaning to get clean. Soon.

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    August 14, 2002

    From Father to Son

    How baseball forms forever memories and unbreakable bonds

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    March 13, 2002

    Throwing Away the Key

    There is no cure and no way out. So why does the state spend more than $20 million a year to treat 179 former sex offenders?

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    September 5, 2001

    Playing Horse

    Ruby Myhre was 14 when she had her first baby, and 17 when she first used heroin. Now, at 23, she wants a chance to mix sobriety and motherhood.

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    August 15, 2001

    High and Dry

    The Salvation Army bails on providing detox services to Hennepin County

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    November 22, 2000

    The Quick Fix

    St. Paul hauls out the zoning code in the hope of end-running a proposed methadone clinic

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    March 29, 2000

    Ciao, Belle

    Donna Ellringer threatens to decamp from Phillips before the hell she's predicting breaks loose

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    June 2, 1999

    Fresh Meat for Rotting Puppets

    With a new lineup and reissued back catalog, the last great punk band of the '80s gets lost on the freeway again

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    April 23, 1997
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    October 23, 1996

    Beyond Drinking and Driving

    A number of Minnesota jurisdictions are experimenting with more aggressive and invasive programs to deal with repeat drunk-driving offenders.

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