"Diamond" Joe Quimby

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    August 25, 2010

    Tom Emmer and Tom Horner see a Land Of 10,000 Springfields

    There will be more work in Minnesota for Homer Simpson if Emmer or Horner get their wayMinnesota might start looking a bit more like Springfield if two of our candidates for governor get their way. Both Republican Tom Emmer and Independent Tom Horner want to lift Minnesota's moratorium on nuclear po ... More >>

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    November 15, 2006

    Night of the Short Knives

    As the GOP suffered the death of a thousand cuts last Tuesday, CP staffers captured scenes from the victory party that (mostly) wasn't

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    August 10, 2005

    Parsing out the pork

    There were plenty of huzzahs flying around on Wednesday over President Bush's signing of the $286.4 billion transportation bill--the "biggest public-works legislation in history," as dailies (online, at least) across the country dutifully recounted. Some $3.5 billion in pork came to simmer in Minne ... More >>

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    February 28, 2001

    So you want to be a public servant?

    You too could be mayor of St. Paul! Just answer a dozen of the most preposterous, frivolous, and insultingly direct questions you could ever hope to encounter in your whole squirming political life.