Picked to Click

Ballots - Mike Riehle

Owner and Founder of the Cause Soundbar, Restaurant, and Gallery
1 Sean Anonymous First Place
2 The Japhies Second Place
3 Marijuana Death Squads Third Place
4 The Rockford Mules Fourth Place
5 MCA MAY YOU RIP Fifth Place
Critic Comments

NOT IN ORDER. Picked to click has always remained consistent in listing "underappreciated" to its list of potential influencing criteria. This year I interpreted that as the acts most likely to be gone before you knew what they were like as neighbors. I appreciate the diversity in quality music made and performed in Minneapolis in the last year. Far ranging in styles, very close in terms of representing legit art. These are people you will claim , "you knew when." I say you wish. ...And a shout out to stickin to the theme of local throughout his career- R.I.P., MCA. Your accomplishments, influence, and positive giving, could never be appreciated enough, IMHO. Peace.