Picked to Click

Ballots - Cyn Collins

KFAI Spin with Cyn programmer, freelance booker, author/music freelance journalist.
1 Buildings First Place
2 Demographics Second Place
3 The Bad Spots Third Place
4 Food Pyramid Fourth Place
5 Machine 22 Fifth Place
Critic Comments

It was very difficult to choose just 5, due to the huge number of really good bands, new and/or on verge of "clicking." There are bands not on my list, that I wish were who are coming out with new records from October into 2013, and "launching" soon. I hope to add them next year and on other lists. I think next year there should be 10 spots. Maybe have a two-rounds thing where people "pick to click," votes get narrowed to something like 10 - 20 bands, we have one month to see their shows/hear their music and have a final round narrowing the first round down.