Motocross is a form of sport riding involving motorcycling outdoors on an all-terrain surface. It's a loud, zippy event to watch, and even more fun to partake in. This Saturday marks round seven of the 2009 AMA Pro National Motocross Championship, where competitors will race for $50,000 in prizes. The Spring Creek track is located along the Mississippi, and is said to have the richest soil of the nine-track series, which makes sense since it was built on top of a retired farm in 1976. Though the Pro National is the main event, there are many other things to do while in the southeastern Minnesota town of Millville. Amateurs can practice and race on Thursday and Friday. Then there's a Friday-evening Fan Fest with beer and music. During the weekend there will also be a vintage bike show. Camping will be available throughout the week, and you should check the website for hotel accommodations and a complete... More >>>