Apparently having survived the ignominy of originally hailing from the Alaska town where wacko, right-wing kewpie doll Sarah Palin once served as mayor, John Baldwin Gourley and his mates in Portugal. The Man have established themselves on the indie circuit as a richly imaginative band working with a broad musical palette. The band, founded by Gourley and fellow Wasilla native Zachary Scott Carothers, now including keyboardist Ryan Neighbors and based in Oregon, works in colorful blends of neo-psychedelia, experimental electronica, vintage soul, maverick progressive rock, and odd bits of metal, funk, and jazz. Gourley writes the impressionistic lyrics. Portugal. The Country (with or without the random period), the Iberian peninsula in general, any kernel of Luso-culture, or even former Twins pitcher Mark Portugal don't appear to figure at all in the band's purview. What does is Gourley's experiences growing up on the Alaskan frontier, the dominant... More >>>