In the past 25 years, Sgt. Tim Davison has been a beat cop, a shift supervisor, and a child sex abuse investigator with the Minneapolis Police Department. Before that he made his living in the circus: as a singing ringmaster, a truck driver, a purchasing agent, an elephant groom, and an elephant trainer's assistant. Last week, as he does once or twice each year when a circus comes to town, Davison put on both hats. He donned his police uniform and became the all-around troubleshooter for the performers in the George Carden Circus International, which ran nine shows for the Minneapolis Shriners at the Target Center. "I take care of the showpersons' needs once they get here," he explains. "I know where to get hay. I know where to get meat. I've got the phone number of a farrier if anyone needs to get their horse shod. The guy with the monkey act needs fruit and vegetables. The dog act needs a certain kind of high-grade dog food. I know where things... More >>>