Carl Flink's Black Label Movement generates physically intense, elegantly constructed dances. The hearty, blue-collar, folk-roots eclecticism of Flink's newest work, "Field Songs," meshes perfectly with the music of local roots-rock band the Jinnies, who will perform live on a stage covered by sod, dirt, and concrete. The in-your-face collision of rural and urban landscapes (set by Annie Katsura Rollins) forces Flink's fabulously gifted dancers to negotiate the rocky, loamy ground beneath their feet. Choreography by company members Eddie Oroyan and Leslie O'Neill, and a performance by BLM artistic associate Emilie Plauché Flink round out the evening. This total-experience event also features a hot-dish snack in the lobby (first weekend only) and an exhibition by artist Lara Hanson and BLM company photographer William... More >>>