There may be no more pathetic and preposterous character than the fan of a floundering baseball franchise. Baseball can be a shitty and discouraging game--that's actually always been a big part of the potential payoff in the 162-game psychological grind of its season--but so many times in the last few years I have felt embarrassed at the ridiculous, compulsive, and almost genetic loyalty I feel for the Minnesota Twins, an organization that has been a beleaguered and unloved model of wholesale incompetence and bad luck for several years now. At the conclusion of the last two miserable seasons I swore to myself that I would forsake the allegiance and the huge investment of time it required of me once and for all. I have been a paying customer at the Metrodome well over 200 times since the early 1980s, and until recent years I saved the ticket stubs from every game I ever attended. I have watched or listened to virtually every game of every season, and I have taken road trips to watch the... More >>>