The Rockstar Storytellers are late in their second season but show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. With monthly shows at the Bryant-Lake Bowl, a fundraiser for the Fringe Festival, and a storytelling open mic at Kieran's Irish Pub (on the second Tuesday of every month), the troupe members have been keeping themselves busy presenting their polished, take-no-prisoners style of storytelling. But how do they maintain such a demanding schedule of creative output? Show up for An Evening of Inspiration and they'll tell you stories in the styles of the folks that inspired them to such heights (such as Stanley Kubrick, Roald Dahl, and James Joyce). Biting wit is expected to make an appearance courtesy of Allegra Lingo, dreamy nerd-hunk Curt Lund, the ever-clever Courtney McClean, the energetic phillip low, and the laid-back attitude of standup... More >>>