Hooray, of course, for Dan Deacon. We like him. We dig his neon-soaked pop spew, and celebrate it more often than, say, Journey. But in terms of this particular Baltimore-centric bill, we're waaaay more enthused about Teeth Mountain, a mysterious collective of musicians who wander at will from one exotic genre to the next, sometimes blurring the lines between whatever they're appropriating: tribal drum-circle romps, in-the-weeds Krautrock, messy psych, and so on. This is the kind of underground self-indulgence that makes you want to stock up on Sublime Frequencies LPs, get high on drugs your stoner friends have never heard of, and plot a pilgrimage to India. But it'd probably be a whole lot cheaper, easier, and less law breaking to just attend this show. Also with Future Islands. All ages at 5 p.m.; 21+ at... More >>>