For Packer fans, the scene from the Metrodome just two years ago has already become legend. After nearly 60 minutes of football, including three lead changes and five Green Bay turnovers, the Packers, with third-string quarterback T. J. Rubley calling the signals in a tie game, were driving toward a winning field goal. Finally, it seemed, the Dome's curse would be put to rest. And then came what Packer fans now simply refer to as The Audible. On third and inches at the Vikings' 38 yard line, Rubley, under orders to run a quarterback sneak, changed the play at the line of scrimmage, despite protests from his own center. He rolled right, then made the unthinkable throw: back toward the middle of the field, into a cluster of players. The ball caromed into the hands of linebacker Jeff Brady, and five plays later, it was the home team that kicked a... More >>>