What is it about the black suit/black tie/white shirt get-up in movies? Specifically, why is it worn so often in stories about hipster guys and peripheral Others? In The Blues Brothers, the black-clad Jake and Elwood are a pair of white cats who live out the fantasy of being soul brothers on stage, their "mission from God" aided by the black musicians whose styles they cop (James Brown, Cab Calloway, Ray Charles). In Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino's white men in black talk shit about Madonna and Christie Love (and their underpaid waitress), while the only woman with any presence on screen is the one who gut-plugs Mr. Orange. Sporting this same costume, the titular heroes of Men in Black are in charge of policing New York City's "immigrant" population--except that one of the agents happens to be a black man (Will Smith), which rather complicates the formula. "You know what the difference is between you and me?" he asks his white partner (Tommy Lee Jones) provocatively. Hmmm. Answer:... More >>>