The story, no matter where you start, gets better. So: 1954, an early summer evening in Frankfurt, Germany. The war was over, though not so long ago as to feel like history yet. People were out on the streets, strolling in the park, mixing with the American soldiers in uniform who'd come into the city from their nearby base for the night. Just off the main square was a nightclub called the Oasis--a swanky watering hole that catered to well-off locals and tourists, served strong highballs, closed at five in the morning for an hour break, and had a reputation as the place to see and be seen with the pretty German girls who worked the bar there. It happened that one of them, 24-year-old Anna Elisabeth Colsch, was at the Oasis that evening serving drinks and performing, singing torch songs of the day in a long black gown. That's when... More >>>