AT A PRESS conference last week, Bill Clinton continued to insist that there is "no evidence" of Chinese government attempts to influence U.S. elections--even as the scandal reached into the Republican Party. Sen. Fred Thompson's campaign finance investigation has quietly subpoenaed Republican National Committee records relating to a $2 million loan from an assetless Hong Kong businessman that bailed out the GOP in the 1994 and 1996 elections. Ambrous Tung Young put up the money to serve as collateral for a bank loan to an RNC subsidiary just days before the '94 elections gave Republicans control of Congress. The money was then funneled as last-minute campaign cash into tight House races. Two years later, when the bank called in the loan, the RNC decided to default on the remaining $1 million it owed rather than take the money away from its Congressional candidates--and Tung Young had to eat half a million... More >>>