If you can get past the affected cool—the dark shades, leather biker jackets, and stylized reverb—Glasvegas actually have quite a collection of songs on their self-titled debut. Although former Creation Records chief Alan McGee has gone out of his way to align his latest find with the genuinely groundbreaking Jesus and Mary Chain (who, coincidentally, also hail from Glasgow), James Allan & Co. actually are much closer in spirit to McGee's most commercially successful act, Oasis. True, no one would ever mistake the lyrically morose "Flowers and Football Tops" and "Geraldine" for Cool Britannia, but like Oasis, Glasvegas have a knack for choruses of the unabashedly huge, anthemic variety. The grand gestures might be a tad silly coming from a band touring the U.S. club circuit, but true rock stars are in short supply these days. Why not let them act the part? With Von Iva.... More >>>