Starting his 30th year with National Public Radio, John Ydstie, a graduate of Concordia College in Moorhead, has pretty much seen it all. He covered Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, which led to Desert Storm; the September 11 attacks; Wall Street during the '80s; and, as NPR's London Bureau Chief in the early '90s, he reported on the collapse of the Soviet Union. Currently Ydstie is NPR's national correspondent, a beat as grand as it sounds. He travels the country covering a range of topics and breaking news, including the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the Jack Abramoff scandal. Affable MPR host John Horwich will talk with Ydstie about the most important news story on Americans' collective mind: the economy draining our souls and retirement accounts. Admission is free, but you need a ticket, which is available... More >>>