Anyone who has ever been in a local band and has attempted a "tour" can relate. It usually goes something like this: You, your bandmates, and careening piles of gear spend all night driving (getting about eight miles a gallon in a fume-belching chariot of death) and sputter into some lethargic Midwestern town hell-bent on showing the oh-so-fortunate locals just how hard a band from Minneapolis can rock. After dining on curly fries and sliders—if you're lucky enough to have made a few bucks (literally) at last night's show—you load your gear into whatever bar your MySpace friends claim is "the place" to play in town. But even before sound check ends (if you're lucky enough to get one), you get the sinking feeling that there will be no rock revelation tonight. No, your band members outnumber the audience by two to one, as the crowd more likely than not consists of one sullen bartender and a middle-aged drunk who hasn't the will to raise his... More >>>