AS ELECTION DAY closed in, Minneapolis's City Council incumbents reportedly came up with some creative ways to engage in last-minute political pitching. Last week in Steve Minn country, newspaper subscribers awoke to find their morning Strib shrink-wrapped in plastic emblazoned with "re-elect Minn." To the average 13th Warder, the ad was a shoulder-shrugger, given the Strib's endorsement of the Council's sole non-DFLer. But the placement raised a few eyebrows among Strib employees, who weighed in on the issue in "Morning Notes," the paper's in-house soapbox. "Samples of Cheerios, Head & Shoulders, Steve Minn...what's the difference?" one notester quipped, while another raged about the Minn-vertisement's erosion of the paper's "journalistic integrity." Still another, presumably in sales, recommended that staffers sell space on their jackets to mayoral candidates Sharon Sayles Belton and... More >>>