Confession time: You won't find any criticism of the Kevin Garnett contract here. Perhaps you don't believe that the world's finest athletes should earn as much as the top entertainers, lawyers, corporate executives, and real-estate tycoons get paid during the course of their careers. Fair enough; I empathize with your nostalgia over a simpler, more intimate era, and would respect your decision not to patronize big-money sports. But if you've got an unconquerable jones to watch basketball played at its highest level, the Garnett signing is a morsel of tantalizing sweetness that will be paid for relatively fair and square. We're not talking about a billionaire owner running his franchise on the cheap, pleading business poverty, and threatening to move the team out of town if the citizenry doesn't fork over hundreds of millions of dollars for a new stadium. We're talking about a billionaire owner with 27 years left on a contract obligating him to stay in town, plunking down a terrifying amount of his own money to ensure that the Timberwolves retain the services of a charismatic giant who has a very good chance of becoming one of the two or three best players on the... More >>>