You're never too old to experience the fears of mortality. This year a variety of events around town mean to terrify and amuse the 18+ crowd. Mounds Theatre hosts haunted tours, this Friday and Saturday. Marked as a 1920s historic building, this theater is touted as one of the most haunted spots in St. Paul. Tour prices range from $20-$25 and reservations must be made 24 hours in advance for those 15 and up. Each one-hour tour will be led via flashlight by two experienced paranormal investigators who will talk about some of the ghosts believed to haunt the space. During the tour guests will have the opportunity to ask the ghosts questions. If they're feeling chatty, you will be able to hear answers on playback through a special radio scanner. The theater does warn people that, er, one of the ghosts can be pretty explicit when talking to women, so be... More >>>