You could say Little Feat lost its heart and soul when Lowell George died in 1979. You'd be wrong. Mere mortality couldn't extinguish George's protean soul or a band that's always seemed fueled by some magical force soaring like a genie out of the apogee of Paul Barrere's slide. George's untimely demise did end Feat's most creative period, when each new album yielded a handful of new indelible nuggets. It even ended the band itself for a while, until Bill Payne and Barrere heard a siren call from that bubbling cauldron of fabulous Feat fodder a decade or so later and reconvened the rest of the survivors. Always a great live band, the Feat haven't faltered since, sailin' along on the larger-than-life spirit of George and the band's still-combustible blend of rock, country, boogie, jazz, rockabilly, and a particularly pungent dose of Louisiana swamp gas. A slew of the classics, plus tunes from Huey Piano Smith, the Band, and Woody Guthrie sound... More >>>