Training videos from the '80s, regional commercials for local food chains, and bizarre home videos: These are just a few of the things to be screened at the most recent installment of the Found Footage Festival. Part screening, part live comedy act, former Minnesotans Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher offer commentary and insight to a rapid-fire presentation of videos found at garage sales, warehouses, dumpsters, and the Salvation Army. The clips from this collective are filled with plenty of WTF!? moments, including shots of a stuffed cat playing guitar (take that, Spaghetti Cat), a man proclaiming that Commandment #4 is "Never ever use the 'F' word onstage," and some guy screaming hysterically while an underwater scene is projected on a green screen behind him. Throw in an instructional video on how to toilet-train cats, a montage of 17 different workplace sexual harassment videos, and some exercise videos featuring... More >>>